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Focus welcomes Global Lifi Tech to the family


Global Lifi Tech is a company designed to deploy the conversion of conventional lighting to LED (relamping) by promoting and installing a new data transmission technology via light called “Lifi”. This new technology from the LED-LIFI conjunction opens up communication networks “indoor” and applications combining a great speed and the possibilities of indoor and outdoor geolocation.

The Lifi or Light Fidelity is a wireless communication technology based on the use of visible light

Thus your LED lighting network becomes your wireless network at unrivaled speeds!

  • Innovative – The Lifi generates no interference and has no impact on health.
  • Fast – Speeds that are 10 to 50 times faster than WiFi.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Lifi emits no harmful electromagnetic waves.
  • Secure – There is no data transmitted beyond the lit room.



Focus welcomes VoksLyte to the Family


VolksLyte creates the highest quality custom curved illuminated light contours, in pendant and recessed form factors. There are almost no limitations to shape, curvature, length or angularity, and no cookie-cutter standard families of radii or shapess. We use our three decades of custom domestic manufacturing experience and innovation to allow designers to fully realize their unique vision. Let us show you how artfully conceived and how brilliantly engineered lighting can be.