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image Introducing the HLF1 and HLF2 -

    The Lithonia High Lumen LED Flood Size 1 & 2 (HLF1 / HLF2) is capable of replacing 400W to 1000W metal halide luminaires while delivering exceptional energy savings. Its long service life of over 100,000 hours or 20+ years of nighttime use makes it ideal for high mounting applications, eliminating expensive lamp changes.

Avante® LED Recessed Direct-Indirect Optimized Value, Performance You Can Trust

The Avante LED 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 is a general lighting luminaire for large spaces including open offices, circulation areas, classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, airport ticketing and wait areas, and numerous other commercial applications. Static or air function available. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic; see spec sheet for suitable uses.


what's new

Focus Electrical Sales has new partnerships with Lumax Lighting, Cathode Lighting and VoksLyte.
Thu, Oct 01 - 11:24 am

Lumax Lighting Industries

Lumax Industries manufactures the highest quality, Made In USA commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. We produce specification grade fluorescent and LED luminaires for retrofits, renovations and new construction lighting projects. We also specialize in custom designs and modifications and proudly design and manufacture in Altoona, Pennsylvania. 

Cathode Lighting Systems

A Premier manufacturer of specification-grade, modular cold-cathode fixtures and lamps, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our products.  Whether your primary focus is aesthetics, engineering, performance, energy efficiency, or all of the above, we are committed to providing superior lighting products that deliver on all points.

Contractor-friendly and easy to specify, our high-performance fixtures accept any lamp shape—whether straight, curved, or bent—and install quickly and easily. If your requirement is for straight fixtures, we offer both indoor and outdoor versions. Whatever the shape, every fixture we manufacture utilizes revolutionary, energy efficient, noiseless electronic technology to power our ultra long-life lamps. In addition to over 20 different pastel and neon lamp colors, we offer more unique shades of white than anyone else in the industry. We provide over 10 hues to choose from, with absolute color consistency and the reliability of cold-cathode, with up to 100,000 hours of field-proven lamp life. Cathode Lighting Systems…the gold standard in architectural cove lighting.


We have always been fascinated with the beauty of curved forms. Tangent™ customizable lighting contours take this fascination one step further. We factory curve the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius…or any straight or bent shape and illuminate the contour from within with ultra high-quality LEDs. These beautiful custom luminaires are available in pendant and wall mounted UpLight-Downlight, and surface, recessed or pendant mounted Downlight versions. The 2-inch wide luminaires are sectionalized and join perfectly to form seamless circular, curved, elliptical, racetrack, free-form, straight or angled architectural illumination…like drawing with light and metal. Internal light engine options are dimmable 50,000-hour LED in standard and high-output versions, and all drivers are internal and integral to the luminaires.