Pure Lighting


Inspired by the principle that light defines space and influences human emotion, Pure Lighting's fixtures effectively transcend the traditional. Since inception, Pure Lighting has been an industry leader in lighting solutions that redefine the standards of interior design.

As a leader in lighting excellence, Pure Lighting is a recognized winner of numerous awards for product achievement. Pure Lighting offers a superior line of specification grade luminaires that vanish into the architecture and become one with your environment, thereby offering illumination that is distinctive, minimalist, and contemporary.

Above all, superior technology combines with design innovation at Pure Lighting. We strive to use our technical expertise and creativity to expand the design possibilities for every customer, designer, and industry partner.

For spaces that break the grid of traditional aesthetics, think of Pure Lighting, where you are in total control of illumination and atmosphere. Our minimalist design tools give your space intelligence, strength, and sophistication. Let the drywall be your canvas.

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